evo 2600
Radar Level Gauge

Vacuum Vents

Vacuum vents are for use on any tank to prevent the build-up of internal pressure, by allowing atmospheres and vapors to flow easily in tanks. They are for used on any atmospheric tank, protecting against internal pressure build up.

94100 Vacuum Vent (High Pressure)

  • High pressure vacuum conditions in liquid product storage tanks.

94103 Static Pressure Vacuum Vent

  • Specifically designed to operate at static pressures up to 150psi and at temperature ranges from minus 50° to plus 200° Fahrenheit.

94110 Vacuum Vent

  • Vacuum conditions in liquid product storage tanks.

94115 Vacuum Vent (Side Mounted)

  • Vacuum conditions in liquid product storage tanks, and also withstand the pressure of the stored product when not operating under a vacuum.

94116 Snap Action Vacuum Breaker

  • High capacity atmospheric air flow at low differential pressures to be drawn into the liquid storage tank or pressure vessel when the internal vacuum pressure exceeds the vent setting.

94530 Snap Action Vacuum Vent

  • Permits air flow into liquid storage tanks when the internal vacuum exceeds the vent setting.

99060 Duracator

  • Visual Indication of Pallet Lift
  • Can be added to any conservation vent easily
  • Two modes of operation available