94103 Static Pressure Vacuum Vent

The Shand & Jurs 94103 Static Pressure Vacuum Vent design has utilized over 90 years of experience in the development of quality safety and conservation fittings. This model is specifically designed to operate at high static pressures and at temperature ranges from minus 50 degrees to plus 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Provisions for high vacuum settings are provided.

Standard materials of construction are cast steel or cast stainless steel bodies with aluminum or stainless steel trim. The seat is cast aluminum or cast stainless steel to withstand high pressures. Standard Buna-N coated nylon diaphragm is cushion-seated for tighter sealing. Other materials are also available.

The 94103 Static Pressure Vacuum Vent is available only in a 4-inch size with raised face flange to match ANSI 150 LB. The body is self-draining and a drip ring keeps condensates from the seating surface. A unique feature is a special screen holder, which includes a stainless steel 30-mesh screen. Other design features include a peripheral and stem-guided vacuum pallet, designed primarily for high pressures and higher vacuum settings.


  • Versatile
  • High back pressure capability
  • Reliable
  • Rugged
  • Meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements with Stainless Steel screen option

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