Sizing Configuration Forms

Through simple interactive PDF forms, users may choose necessary equipment and options and submit a request. Shand & Jurs experts will then navigate the Shand & Jurs Winsize program to create the necessary specifications for a quote.

Below are six new Configuration Forms (Interactive PDFs) for our Pressure/Vacuum Vents and Flame Arresters, Emergency Vents, Tank Blanketing, and Detonation Arresters to help with the sizing/quoting process. The forms are based off information from our WinSize Program to accurately select the correct equipment for quoting.

There a two forms for each of the Pressure & Vacuum and the Emergency Vents. One is based on API 2000 and the other is based on ISO 28300 (European Standard). There are drop downs to choose the required equipment and blank boxes to type in the correct specs, along with other options that will help provide us the required information in an easy, interactive form. After filling in appropriate information, simply click the “Submit by Email” button at the bottom of the pdf to send the information directly to one of our L&J Technologies experts.

Please select from the below options. Links must be downloaded, accessed and submitted with Adobe Acrobat only.

If you have trouble with your e-mail provider, save this form as a PDF onto your desktop and then attach the PDF in your e-mail to To fax L&J Technologies, send a completed copy to (708) 236-6006. An L&J Technologies Salesperson will contact you promptly to discuss which products best fit your needs. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us directly.

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