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The L&J Technologies family of companies are global manufacturers of tank level gauging and tank fitting equipment, control systems and related products. Our equipment specializes in the monitoring, management and control of bulk products. L&J Technologies provides quality products for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Wastewater, Steel and Waste Treatment Industries.

L&J engineering Brochure

Tank Level Gauging Solutions for Bulk Storage

Shand & Jurs Brochure

Tank Vents, Flame, Deflagration and Detonation Arresters, Fittings & FRP Equipment

Shand & Jurs Biogas Brochure

Digester Gas Equipment and Waste Gas Burners

Delavan Brochure

Point/Multi-Point Level Controls & Continuous Level Sensors

GPE Molten Metal Brochure

Molten Metal Level Measurement and Control Systems for Metals/Steel Industry

GPE Strip Guiding Systems Brochure

Strip Guiding Level Measurement and Control Systems for Metals/Steel Industry

Product Brochures

1600SFI & evo 2600
Radar Level Gauges

Precision, Lightweight Radar Gauges

1090 Wired and 1095 Wireless Level Alarm Probes

True Independent Overfill Protection

2000 Max Tansmitter

Give Your Float Tape A Voice!

MCG 1097
WirelessHART Relief Alarm

Instant and Reliable Tank Relief Notifications

(Waste-Water Application)


Reduce Your Tank Emissions

(Waste-Water Application)

Flame, Deflagration &
Detonation Arresters

Prevent Flame Propagation

(Waste-Water Application)