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Radar Level Gauge
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Manufacturing Industrial Tank Equipment Since 1922

The Shand & Jurs product line has been designing and manufacturing industrial tank equipment for over 100 years. Since 1922, Shand & Jurs is widely respected for its expertly designed, finely engineered products and the Shand & Jurs logo has become known internationally as a symbol of quality throughout the industrial process industry. Shand & Jurs process equipment has set the industry standard for quality, safety, precision, and accuracy.

Shand & Jurs is committed to bringing advanced, yet affordable products to our customers through our complete line of Conservation Vents, Vapor Recovery Systems, Specialty Valves, Gas Blanketing Valves, Tank Fittings, and Flame and Detonation Arresters. All products are backed by our company’s founding principle: a commitment to supplying only top quality, reliable and durable products – able to withstand the harshest environments.

Today’s growing markets call for keeping an increasingly larger supply of your products close at hand. With these demands, along with tighter delivery schedules and highly sophisticated processes, it is no wonder more and more people are coming to and continue utilizing Shand & Jurs for their tank needs.

Product Categories

Photo of arresters group
Automatic Tank Gauges
Photo of 94210 Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover (Hinged)
Emergency Vent / Manhole Cover
Photo of Pressure Vents
Pressure Vents
Photo of vacuum vent
Vacuum Vents
Photo of Pressure and Vacuum Vents
Pressure & Vacuum Vents
Photo of a 94241 free vent
Free Vents
FRP Vents & Hatches
Gauge Hatch / Manhole
Tank Blanketing / Vapor Recovery
Pilot Operated Relief Valves
Wireless Integration
Photo of internal safety valves
Internal Safety Valves
Photo of 96181 Water Drain Valve
Water Drain Valves
Photo of 95600, 95601 and 95602 Cable Winches for Swing Line
Swing Joints & Accessories
photo of insulation jackets
Insulation Jackets

Leading The Industry For Over 100 Years Through Our Complete Line Of Conservation Vents, Vapor Recovery Systems, Tank Blanketing Valves, And Flame, Deflagration & Detonation Arresters.  

As our industry has progressed over the past 100 years, Shand & Jurs has played a leading role in manufactured industrial tank equipment.  From our reliable and durable products, to our on-site services and technical consulting, Shand & Jurs is the single source for your tank equipment needs. 


For over 
100 Years Shand & Jurs has been committed to bringing advanced, yet affordable solutions to our customers through our complete line of products, able to withstand the harshest environments.

From humble beginnings in Berkeley California to our State-Of-The-Art facility in Hillside Illinois, Shand and Jurs has remained committed in engineering advanced yet affordable solutions all your equipment needs.  Shand & Jurs, precision and accuracy since 1922.