99060 Duracator

The 99060 Duracator is a visual pallet lift indication device for conservations vents. The Duracator will allow you to visually detect the percentage of pallet lift that has occurred on your conservation vent.

Theory of Operation
The Duracator operates by flipping magnetic indicators as its pallet stem rises. The Duracator is fastened to the top of a modified conservation vent pressure side cover, which then allows the vent’s pallet to lift the Duracator’s actuator as the pallet rises when there is a relief of product. As it rises, the magnetic indicators will flip from 0%, 25%, 50% and finally 100% pallet lift.

Modes of Operation
The 99060 Duracator features two modes of operation.

Memory Mode:
In this configuration the maximum percentage of pallet lift will remain displayed on the device until it is reset with a special resetting magnet. 

Following Mode:
In this configuration, the Duracator’s indicator will follow the position of the pallet and return to 0 when the pallet closes. 

Two Sizes Available
The 99060 Duracator is available in 2 options. The first is for conservation vents in 2”-6” sizes. The second is for conservation vents in 8”-12”. 


  • Visual Indication of Pallet Lift
  • Can be added to any conservation vent easily
  • Two modes of operation available
  • Fits 2”-12” Conservation Vents

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