94530 Snap Action Vacuum Vent

The Shand & Jurs 94530 Snap Action Vacuum Vent permits air flow into liquid storage tanks when the internal vacuum exceeds the vent setting.

The vent is held closed tightly at vacuum levels lower than the setting and at positive pressures. It is designed for operation at static pressure up to 3 PSI and at temperatures between -20 and +220 degrees Fahrenheit. Vacuum settings are available up to 43 inches water column. The body is mounted into the tank nozzle. Nozzle depth on tank should not exceed 8”.

Designed for replacement of ruptured disc where system pressure spikes cause premature rupture disc opening.


  • Magnetic latched for full open instantly at set pressure
  • No overpressure required for full open
  • High flow capacity upon opening
  • Tight seal up to set point
  • Sizes available for standard API and ANSI connections

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