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Radar Level Gauge
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Capacitance Probes

Delavan Process Instrumentation manufactures products including solid and liquid point level and continuous level measurement. Delavan has a proven track record of providing solutions to both bulk solids and liquids handling. Applications include wood chips, bailer, insulation products, coal handling paper/pulp production, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals.

Cap Analog 410

  • Integral R.F. Capacitance Level Transmitter

Cap Analog 4100

  • R.F. Capacitance Two-Wire Level Transmitter

Cap Analog 420

  • R.F. Capacitance Remote Transmitter w/Relay Outputs

Cap Analog 421

  • R.F. Capacitance Remote Transmitter w/LCD

Versa-Cap Integral 450 or
Remote 460

  • Intelligent R.F. Capacitance Level Transmitter

Captrol Integral 500 R.F. Capacitance

  • R.F. Capacitance On/Off Switch for powder bulk solid and liquid applications

Captrol 500-R

  • R.F. Capacitance Remote Point Level Switch

Captrol 510

  • R.F. Capacitance Adjustable Dual-Point Switch

Captrol 511

  • R.F. Capacitance Point Level Switch

Captrol 514

  • R.F. Capacitance Multi-Point Level Switch

Captrol Cap Point 520

  • R.F. Capacitance Liquid-Bulk Level

MicroPoint 800

  • R.F. Capacitance Point Level Switch

Sensing Probes For 400 & 500 Series R.F. Capacitance Probes

  • R.F. Capacitance Multi-Point Level Switch