MicroPoint 800

Delavan’s MicroPoint 800 is a truly cost effective Microprocessor Based R.F. Capacitance On/Off Switch used in powder bulk solid and liquid applications.

OEM Friendly Design
Designed with OEM customers in mind, the MicroPoint 800 features several user selectable options including: system output, supply voltage, enclosure type, and a wide range of sensing probes.

Principle of Operation
The MicroPoint 800 Microprocessor Based Point Level Switch consists of solid state electronics mounted in an explosion proof or corrosion resistant enclosure. The rugged sensing element utilizes a driven guard designed to eliminate the effects of material build-up or coatings.

The sensing element’s “active” section is energized with a R.F. (radio frequency) signal approximately 2 mHz. When the process level changes, a change in capacitance occurs resulting in a change in frequency. This change is compared to a preset value and after amplification the signal is used to actuate a relay.


R.F. Capacitance Point Level Switch

  • On-board microprocessor
  • Push button calibration
  • Built-in driven guard
  • Sensitivity to .5 pF
  • Integral electronics

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