Cap Analog 4100

Delavan’s Cap Analog 4100 is a cost effective “Two- Wire” R.F. Capacitance Transmitter used in powder bulk solids, liquids and slurry applications.

True ‘Two-Wire Operation’
The Cap Analog 4100 is a superior two-wire transmitter. Maintenance and installation expense are eliminated due to not needing line power; the same two wires which power the 4100 also transmit its output signal.

Principle of Operation
The Cap Analog 4100 system consists of an electronic amplifier mounted in a cast aluminum explosion proof housing. This housing normally is integrally mounted on the top of the probe. The unit is powered by a remote 24 DC power supply, supplied by Delavan or the user.

The Cap Analog 4100, along with its probe sensor, operates as a capacitance system that converts changes in level to changes in output signal. After calibration, any change in level is recognized and converted to an analog output 4-20mA signal. The system will operate any loop powered 4-20mA DC indicator.

The Cap Analog 4100 is supplied with two 20 turn, ZERO and SPAN adjust potentiometers. A switch and memory calibration potentiometer is provided. DIP switches are provided to extend the range of zero reverse output so that output is 20-4 instead of 4-20mA DC.


R.F. Capacitance Two-Wire Level Transmitter

  • True “two-wire” 24 Volts DC operation
  • Built-in immunity to process build-up/coatings
  • Switch selectable reversible output 4-20mA or 20-4mA
  • Completely adjustable
  • One time “zero-cal” function test
  • 1 mile twisted pair separation

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