Captrol Integral 500

Delavan’s Captrol 500 is a cost effective Microcontroller Based R.F. Capacitance On/Off Switch used in powder bulk solid and liquid applications.

“One-Touch” Button Calibration
With the utilization of our Microcontroller and Delavan’s unique Auto-Cal algorithm, calibration is accomplished with a momentary touch of a button. No special tools, complicated procedures or valuable time is needed.

Principle of Operation
The Captrol 500 Microcontroller Based Point Level Switch consists of solid state electronics mounted in a cast aluminum explosion proof enclosure. The rugged sensing element utilizes a driven guard designed to eliminate the effects of material build-up or coatings that may cause false signals.

The sensing element’s “active” section is energized with a R.F. (Radio Frequency) signal approximately 2mHz. When the process level changes, a change in capacitance occurs resulting in a change in frequency. This change in frequency is compared to a preset value and after amplification the signal is used to actuate a relay.


R.F. Capacitance On/Off Switch for powder bulk solid and liquid applications

  • Integral or remote mount electronics
  • On-board microcontroller
  • One-touch button calibration
  • Built-in “self diagnostics”

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