Captrol Cap Point 520

Point level control of liquids or bulk solids High and low level control (single unit) Out of limits indicator, control

Typical Uses
High Level Alarm or Control Low Level Alarm or Control Pump/Conveyor Control

Primary Areas of Application
The CAP Point 520 is an ideal solution for many level control problems. Most liquids are potential applications for the Cap Point 520 as are free flowing granular products.

Liquids – Petroleum products
Eg: Crude oil, refined oil, kerosene, ethylene glycol, gasoline, etc.

Liquids – Organic solvents
Eg: Ethylene, methyl and isopropyl alcohol, as well as toluene, heptane, turpentine, acetone, etc.

Liquids – Conductive
Eg: Water, acids, diluted acids (within the limits of probe sensor gland housing and insulation), water with impurities.

Eg: Coal/water, lime/water, virtually any conductive slurry.

Liquids – Interface
Eg: Petroleum products and water.

Bulk Solids
Eg: Cereal grains, plastic pellets and powders, sand ores, crushed coal, coke and most free flowing granular products.


R.F. Capacitance Liquid-Bulk Level

  • Long cable lengths up to 800 feet
  • Versatile 2 independent relay outputs
  • Fail-Safe field selectable DIP Switch
  • Versatile power supply 120, 240 Volts AC, or 15 to 24 DC inputs
  • Immune to static/Immune to RFI

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