94261 Vapor Recovery Regulator

The Shand & Jurs 94261 Vapor Recovery Regulator is a float-operated pressure regulator utilizing a weight balanced float to establish a set point. This highly accurate and extremely sensitive regulator is used to maintain close pressure control of low pressure tanks and meets requirements for vapor recovery.

The primary purpose of this vent is to conserve vapor loss before atmospheric venting or to provide a closed venting system. It has the capacity of providing simple adjustment of set points by adding or removing weights.

The 94261 is a totally self-actuated regulator requiring no outside source of energy for its operation. A straight forward mechanical design using a minimum of moving parts provides for long service life with minimum maintenance.


  • Operates within 1/10’’w.c. from operating ranges of 1/10’’ w.c. to 2’’ w.c.
  • Reduced number of moving parts maximizes service life
  • No external power source required
  • Can provide four types of service:
    (1) pressure increase
    (2) vacuum increase
    (3) pressure decrease
    (4) vacuum decrease

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