94320 Dehydrator

The Shand & Jurs 94320 Dehydrator absorbs moisture from the air that is drawn into a storage tank during the unloading of product or by “thermal breathing” conditions.

Desiccant of high absorptive capacity is used as the drying agent. The hard ball shaped form of the desiccant minimizes the pressure drop, permitting more efficiency. This is a function of material surface area and retention time. The nature of the desiccant does not change the flow of gas up to the point of maximum saturation since the moisture is absorbed within the pores of the material. The desiccant is contained in a bank that can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.

The humidity indicator is a good barometer to monitor when the desiccant bed is saturated. To reactivate a saturated desiccant bed, heat the bed to 400°F until all moisture is vaporized. The desiccant can be subjected to thousands of absorption-reactivation cycles without any appreciable loss of efficiency.


  • Absorbs moisture drawn into storage tank during unloading or by “thermal breathing”
  • Desiccant can be reactivated thousands of times without appreciable loss in efficiency
  • Humidity indicator informs when desiccant bed should be changed
  • Available in 2″ to 12″ ANSI sizes
  • EN1092/JIS Flange Connections available

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