evo 2600
Radar Level Gauge
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As an industry leader in level gauging solutions for over 35 years, L&J engineering’s level transmitter product offering continually evolves to meet changing bulk storage needs. L&J engineering offers highly accurate, versatile transmitters that provide economical solutions to a variety of practical applications.

L&J engineering transmitters are ideal for bulk liquid storage vessels for the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, as well as food and beverage and water treatment industries.

MCG 2000MAX Level Transmitter

  • Highly Accurate
  • Magnetic Absolute Xmitter

MCG 2420 Transmitter

  • Use on Gauge Boards
  • Ultra Low Power

MCG 1200M Analog/Digital Transmitter

  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Monitor Field/Internal Parameters

evo 1650 Smart Core

  • Reliable Interface between Fieldbus Devices and Digital Protocols