MCG 1200M Analog | Digital Transmitter

Complete Control
The MCG 1200M Series Transmitter is an extremely flexible microprocessor based RTU. Receiving an analog input it converts the analog signal to digital, displays the data, and transmits the data via the L&J 4-wire data highway or other digital protocols to the system computer. The MCG 1200M can also provide the loop power for 24VDC loop powered devices.

The 4 to 20mA signals from an ultrasonic level gauge, a pressure transducer, or magnetostrictive probe, as well as a 3-wire RTD, could wire directly to the MCG 1200M. Any values can be displayed on the local LCD and the data transmitted back to a central computer/receiver via the standard L&J Tankway 4-wire digital highway or other digital protocol. The MCG 1200M can also take temperature inputs and discrete I/O.

Total System Integration
This provides the ability to add virtually any type of instrument or sensing device to the system without the need of running individual analog data wires back to the control room. The MCG 1200M provides for a convenient reliable interface between the gauging or SCADA system and various analog devices. New or updated programming can be downloaded to any 1200M Transmitter into its on-board flash memory “on the fly” to incorporate protocol changes and additional functionality.

All New Graphical Local LCD Display w/ Infrared Calibration
The MCG 1200M utilizes a brand new local graphical LCD display which has the ability to display up to 10X more information than the previous 2×16 character LCD display used on previous generations of the MCG 1200. As with all the L&J’s state of the art level gauging solutions, the MCG 1200M can be configured via infrared technology by using the MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator in hazardous environments.


  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Monitor Field / Internal Parameters
  • Reliable interface between analog devices and digital protocols
  • Advanced Flash Memory Technology
  • Wireless Infrared ProgrammingLocal Graphical LCD Display
  • Interface various field control and monitoring equipment to the inventory management system
  • Specifically designed for any sized application
  • Converts analog signals to digital protocols

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