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Photo of evo 2600

evo 2600 Radar Gauge

Take level gauging and tank management to the next level with the evo 2600 Level Radar Gauge! The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is the latest product in L&J Engineering’s new evolution series of radar level gauges which are leading the industry with innovative new features and benefits not found in other products.

The evo 2600 uses L&J’s latest and most technologically advanced radar technology to deliver 3mm Accuracy in a wide variety of applications at a competitive cost. The evo 2600 uses FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology operating in the 26GHz frequency band to ensure that it delivers both accuracy and reliability in a wide variety of level gauging applications. This technology is designed, tested and manufactured in the USA, ensuring a high quality and reliable product.

e.WAVE Display
An all new evolutionary feature of the evo 2600 is the e.WAVE graphical LCD display. In case of special applications or circumstances, the e.WAVE display provides you with a graphical profile of your tank to ensure there are no unforeseen obstructions of intrusions in your level gauging applications. The e.WAVE will allow you to fine tune the radar unit to cancel out any obstructions or other disturbances in the tank. This is all done with the MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator. Never before has it been this easy to fine tune a radar gauge to operate in your specific environment. The e.WAVE display also provides you with a vast array of information, including, but not limited to: level, temperature, discrete status, and a magnitude of diagnostics. There is also an optional ground level display which allows you to program and setup the radar gauge at the side of the tank.

e.CAL intuitive Setup Wizard
The evo 2600 uses L&J’s e.CAL Intuitive Setup Wizard to assure easy programming and setup of your radar gauge in minutes. Once you enter programming mode with your MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator, the evo 2600’s e.CAL mode is the first option displayed. Once entering e.CAL, you will be asked to enter 5 values: units of measure, Datum level, max fill level, min fill level, and seed level. The radar will then begin to profile the tank and you will be up and gauging in less than 5 minutes!

Liquid level gauging of virtually any corrosive, contaminated or viscous product including: oil, chemicals, gasoline, petrochemical, molten sulfur, pharmaceuticals, limestone rock, polyethylene, titanium dioxide, paraffin, latex, powder, and bulk.


  • +/- 3mm Accuracy Standard
  • 4-20ma Loop Powered
  • 26 GHz Frequency
  • FMCW Technology
  • e.WAVE Display
  • e.CAL Intuitive Setup Wizard
  • Wireless Mesh Level Gauging Compatible

evo 2600 Antenna Options


Conical Antenna, Hinged Hatch Mount

  • Applications

Stilling Well Adapter

  • Stilling Well Applications
  • LPG/LNG Applications

Parabolic Antenna

  • Asphalt/BITUMEN Applications
  • Floating Roof Tanks

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