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Photo of Stilling Well Adapter

evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter

L&J Engineering has made replacing existing float and tape gauges with radar level gauging technology simple and convenient with the all new evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter.

With the evo 2600 and evo 2600SW Stilling Well adapter, the evo 2600 can easily fit into an existing 1.5″ coupling for the float and tape gauge so there’s no need to add additional nozzles to an existing storage tank. The evo 2600SW comes in sections that are easily coupled together with a threaded coupling piece. These sections are then lowered down into the tank section by section until the evo 2600SW is finally coupled to your evo 2600 radar gauge. This will provide you with non-contact FMCW radar gauge technology in your existing 1.5″ (minimum) nozzle on your storage tank.

Installation for the evo 2600SW further proves how L&J engineering continues to evolve the level gauging market. The evo 2600SW can be installed while the tank is in-service so there is no need to take your tanks out of service to add additional nozzles for mounting radar gauges.

evo 2600 Radar Gauge
The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is the latest product in L&J Engineering’s new evolution series of radar level gauges which are leading the industry with innovative new features and benefits not found in other products. The evo 2600 uses L&J’s latest and most technologically advanced radar technology to deliver 3mm Accuracy in a wide variety of applications at a competitive cost. The evo 2600 uses FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology operating in the 26GHz frequency band to ensure that it delivers both accuracy and reliability in a wide variety of level gauging applications. This technology is designed, tested and manufactured in the USA, ensuring a high quality and reliable product.


  • Non Contact Level Gauging
  • Fits into existing 1.5″ NPT Nozzles
  • Tank Specific Adapter Lengths
Diagram of Float and Tape conversion to evo 2600 with Stilling Well Adapter
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Existing float
and tape gauge

Radar gauge using
existing nozzle

  • Non Contact Level Gauging
  • Fits into existing 1.5″ NPT Nozzles
  • Tank Specific Adapter Lengths

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