95661 Swing Joints

The Shand & Jurs 95661 Swing Joints permit the movement necessary in lowering the swing pipe in a swing line system. These joints are of the double elbow type, with a tongue and groove joint which retain a Teflon anti-friction thrust type washer between the swivel flanges to promote long, tight service. The two elbows are held together by a spring loaded tie rod that also has a Teflon thrust washer, plus a spring retainer for smooth action. Spring or nut-turn settings are factory set, per spring length dimension shown on table for optimum performance.

The Swing Joint is supported by two telescoping pipes which are spaced at 70° to each other. Providing support for the swivel elbow only, the stationary elbow requires no support. To avoid excessive strain on supports due to occasional shifting of foundation, it is recommended to fasten supports to the tank shell and not the tank bottom.

Telescoping pipe nipples are used as support legs for easy installation. This simplified method of installation eliminates the necessity for shimming due to varying shell plate thicknesses.

The 3” size swing joint is available with screwed or flange connection without supports. The elbows are ductile iron metal to withstand impacts or fracturing from wrenching stresses.


  • Cost effective
  • Teflon thrust washer & spring retainer provide smooth swing action
  • Telescoping pipe nipples support legs for easy installation

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