95506 Cable Sheave Brackets (Gas Tight Types)

The Shand & Jurs 95506 Cable Sheave Case is designed to operate on pressurized product storage tanks without loss of vapors. The entire unit consists of a roof plate and three sheave cases. For ease of operation and long service life, each sheave is bushed with bronze collar bushings. Standard sheaves can accommodate cables up to 3/4’’ diameter. For heavier cable requirements consult factory for availability.

The 95506 patented Cable Sheave Case is made from quality materials and backed by the Shand & Jurs reputation for providing reliable products to the petroleum and other related industries. This unit is designed for gas tight operation within the range of 4 ounces of pressure to 3 ounces of vacuum. For higher pressure or vacuum requirements, simply extend the length of the liquid seal.

The 95506 can be operated in applications where freezing of condensate is a serious problem. In such cases, keeping the inner sheave housing clear of water is imperative. The use of anti-freeze or similar liquid in the seal should provide good protection. Gas Tight Sheave Cases are available for welding or bolting to tank roof.


  • Operates on Pressurized Product Storage Tanks Without Loss of Vapors

  • Designed for Tight Gas Operation Within the Range of 4 oz. of Pressure to 3 oz. of Vacuum

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