95500 Cable Sheave Cases (Open)

The Shand & Jurs Series 95500 Cable Sheave Brackets are designed to operate standard or heavy duty type swing lines. The cable sheave bracket consists of a rugged base plate and an upper or load sheave. Two lower guide sheaves assure the proper alignment of the plow steel cable which passes through a cast iron stuffing box.

The construction of the base plate is such that the front edge of the base plate is either welded or bolted to the top angle iron of the tank shell. This ensures centering the load and stress on the tank shell rather than on the tank roof plates.

The Series 95500 Cable Sheave Brackets are available in the two basic models: the standard weight construction or the heavy duty weight construction. Each is available for welding or bolting installations. The second model is a removable bracket configuration and options are available for welding or bolting of standard weight bracket. The heavy duty bracket is for welding option only.

To ensure continuous service and smooth operation, the cable sheave brackets use graphite bronze bearings. The stuffing box is designed to accommodate 3/8”, 1/2’’ or 5/8” steel cable. For special requirements, a single or double type sheave bracket can be specified.


  • Operates Standard or Heavy Duty Swing Lines

  • Designed to accommodate 3/8″. 1/2″, or 5/8″ Steel Cable

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