94580 Combination Magnavent & Flame Arrester

The Shand and Jurs 94580 Combination Magnavent & Flame Arrester is a single, easy to configure package, providing for emergency pressure venting as well as positive flame stop on low pressure tanks containing flammable liquids or solvents having a low flash point.

The magnetically latched emergency vent provides lightweight, cost effective emergency venting.

The unitized tube bank provides maximum flow while minimizing pressure drop and is designed for NEC Group D vapor applications. Both body and tube banks are available in numerous materials to meet the requirements of your site.

Shand & Jurs “Expanda-Seal” option is available on all pressure pallet assemblies. This feature significantly reduces leakage. The ballooning effect of the Teflon diaphragm effectively seals the valve.

The “Expanda-Seal” feature ensures less than .5 SCFH of air at 95% of the set point.


  • Sizes 2” thru 6” available
  • Cost effective, dual purpose
  • Provides emergency pressure relief
  • Positive acting magnetic latch
  • Features Shand & Jurs Expanda-Seal design
  • Serves as a barrier between external flame and internal vapors
  • Provides protection against flashback
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