94307 Horizontal End Of Line Flame Arrester

The Shand & Jurs 94307 Horizontal Flame Arrester is designed to provide a positive flame stop in gas piping systems. The 94307 not only provides exceptional protection against propagation of flame from external source, but also offers maximum flow capacity. It is specifically designed to prevent liquid accumulation in the tube bank assembly.

The tube bank design, consisting of a spiral wound crimped ribbon around a solid core, maximizes flow capacity with minimum pressure drop.

Standard construction includes cast aluminum, cast steel and 316 stainless steel body materials suitable for most environments. The tube bank is available in aluminum, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. The 94307 is gasketed for maximum of 10 psi static pressure standard.

Periodic inspection, maintenance and replacement of tube bank is as simple as removing tie-bolts and expanding the remaining jack screws. Once the body sections are expanded, the tube bank and shell are easily removed with the aid of a handle.

Available with flat face flanges for aluminum only or flat face raised or face flanges for cast steel, cast iron, ductile iron and stainless steel to match ANSI, EN1092-1, or JIS 10K connections.

For in-line deflagration arrester, see the Shand & Jurs 94407.


  • Unitized tube bank design
  • Maximum protection and efficiency with minimum pressure drop
  • Wide range of standard construction materials
  • Easy inspection and maintenance, due to simple removal of tube bank
  • Complete range of sizes from 2” through 12”.
  • NEC Group D gas applications
  • Location within 10 pipe diameters of potential atmospheric ignition source.
  • Optional Insulation Jackets Available
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