MCG 1600SFI with a Parabolic Antenna Solves Challenging Environments Common to Asphalt and Molten Sulphur

Hillside, IL — July 15th, 2020 — Asphalt tanks have a nasty environment. The product is heavy, and sticky, which makes an Automatic Tape Gauge somewhat difficult, but not impossible, to use. The floats tend to get covered in residue making them heavy and requiring constant cleaning.

The solution to this challenging gauging issue common to the Asphalt and Molten Sulphur storage tanks is the MCG 1600SFI Radar Level Gauge equipped with L&J engineering’s industry leading parabolic antenna. The 15” Stainless Steel Parabolic antenna reduces asphalt buildup due to its size and shape. The shape of the antenna allows a narrow signal to be projected down the length of the tank, which is needed as these types of tanks tend to be tall and thin and stilling wells are not an option.

The MCG 1600SFI Radar Level Gauge utilizes Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology operating in the K-Band frequency range of 10 GHz with ± 0.5 mm accuracy. The MCG 1600SFI also has the ability to use an RTD Temperature Input to relay Tank Level & Temperature data to the Control Room via any one of several communication protocols including the L&J Tankway and WirelessHART to your inventory management system such as L&J engineering’s MCG3905 WINGauge Inventory Management Systems, or a MCG-3630 Touch Panel tank Monitor.

The L&J engineering MCG 1600SFI uses an intuitive set up wizard that can have the radar up and gauging in under 5 minutes with the hand-held infrared calibrator (MCG 2150, required purchase for new installations) without removing the cover and internally wiring in external devices or laptops. The optional MCG 1350M Ground Level Display which is identical in form and function to the display on the main unit allows for all calibration and programming to be done at ground level.

Photo of 1600SFI with parabolic antenna
MCG 1600 with Parabolic Antenna