MCG 3905 WINGauge
Inventory Management System

One System to Manage it All.
The MCG 3905 WINGauge Inventory Management System is a state-of-the-art Microsoft Windows application that offers multi-protocol, multi-loop, real-time gauging of up to 1,000 storage tanks throughout your facility.

MCG 3905 WINGauge
Inventory Management System

L&J Technologies’ WINGauge provides operators with high-performance real-time tank gauging, as well as live and historical display of product level, temperature, volumes and more, over four hundred data items in all. Tank farm activity is displayed in a variety of useful, user-definable formats, and is recorded in a standard SQL database for historical display, compliance and audit-tracking purposes. The latest version was developed with flexibility in mind, giving the system administrator the ability to painlessly customize and fine-tune the visual displays and printed reports.

Flexible, Efficient Overview
The system’s multiple tabular and graphical displays present the live and historical state of tank farm activity in a clear and concise manner, and can be customized to present only the information necessary in order to minimize information overload.

Versatility & High Reliability
The system can be easily configured to work with all L&J gauging hardware as well as a variety of competing products. In addition, WINGauge offers off-the-shelf, high-reliability synchronized redundant server configurations that minimize or eliminate downtime due to hardware failure.

Talks to Anything
Numerous external connectivity features are available, including Modbus (TCP or Serial, Master or Slave), writeable OPC, Toptech, SQL, CSV/text files, and a variety of other custom and industry-standard protocols.


  • Customizable Graphic User Interface
  • Multi-Loop / Multi-Protocol / Multi-Vendor
  • Monitors up to 1000 tanks on 32 loopsMulti-server / Multi-client / Multi-fieldSupports L&J S.M.A.R.T Diagnostics
  • Supports L&J Intelligent Field Interface
  • Supports Non L&J Gauges & Protocols
  • Wireless Mesh Level Gauging Compatible

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