96330 Internal Safety Shutoff & Operating Valve

The Shand & Jurs 96330 Internal Safety Shutoff and Operating Valve provides automatic, foolproof, quick acting shutoff of product flow in tanks and manifold lines. Extremely versatile, it can be mounted in the tank or in line. This valve is used most effectively as a safety shutoff or operating valve in manifold lines. Its action is bi-directional with respect to flow and pressure, and its balanced piston design resists opening due to tank or line pressure.

This valve also is ideally suited for “switch service” of LP-GAS, anhydrous ammonia and similar products. Alternate materials of construction may be specified to meet other product requirements and operating temperatures in the range of -50° to +150°F.

The 96330 Internal Safety Valve is designed to be held in a normally closed or open position by a spring-loaded balanced type piston. The valve checks closed in either direction when hydraulic operating pressure is removed.

Several unique items are incorporated providing the most reliable quick-closing shutoff valve available.

  1. The piston seal is sensitive to pressure differential to seal fluid in either direction. It is self adjusting to pressure conditions, and the configuration provides ideal wiping and bearing action.
  2. The plunger seal is spring-loaded to adjust to wear and thermal conditions.
  3.  Easy Maintenance-New one piece seals greatly improve maintainability.
  4. Optional redundant springs – either capable of closing the valve.


  • One piece self-adjusting seals greatly improve maintainability
  • Fusible plugs automatically release operating pressure when temperature exceeds its melting point
  • Fail safe under all conditions, unaffected by tank or line pressure
  • Adaptable to ambient fluid products such as LP-Gas and/or Ammonia
  • Efficient as an operational valve or on-off service with flow and pressure in either direction
  • Maximum 1.0 SCFM air leakage @
    100 psig between tank and line.
  • Bubble tight from product to hydraulic system
  • Optional Redundant Dual Springs provide added protection

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