92051 Marine Tank Level Gauge

Over the years Shand & Jurs has provided the marine industry with more float-type gauges than any other manufacturer. Level measurement instruments operating on bulk carriers, product carriers, crude carriers, chemical carriers, ore/bulk/oil carriers, and LNG carriers provide us with the expertise required for the safe handling of liquids for today’s tankers.

Increased load efficiency, reliability and most of all reduced maintenance are essential for economical ship operation.

To meet these requirements Shand & Jurs provides the Model 92051 Marine Tank Level Gauge, the most accurate, reliable and maintenance free float gauge ever.

The Model 92051 allows consistent, accurate and reliable gauging of cargo tanks without loss of vapor. Its’ unmatched accuracy over the entire 120 foot measuring range makes this gauge ideal for loading, topping off, discharge and ballasting operations. No special requirements are necessary for mounting; it mounts directly on deck or trunk. Clearance for compact float and guide wires or properly vented stilling well are the only requirements.

The Model 92051 provides for local direct readout through the use of digital counters. Numerals are large and clearly visible through a heavy sealed sight window. Readings are in feet and inches to 1/16 inch increments; meters and millimeters or decimal feet. Remote transmission can be accomplished by simply mounting a level transmitter to the gauge counter housing.

Following the gauging operation it is necessary to raise the float to a locked position safely beneath the level gauge. This is accomplished using a removable ratchet-type float lifter.


  • Oil impregnated bronze bearings for greater dependability and extended service
  • Reliable simple float release mechanism
  • Spring-loaded float connector
  • Local digital readout/adaptable remote readout
  • Removable float lifter prevents unauthorized use of gauge
  • Meet specifications and approvals of marine regulatory agencies

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