616/716 Top Mounted Level Control Switches Stainless Steel Displacers

The Omnitrol Model 616 single actuator and the Model 716 double actuator are top mounted level switches. These controls have a standard 2-1/2” NPT connection and are also available with various sized flanges.  The displacer is made from stainless steel tube.  With a simple field adjustment, the displacer can be positioned to any desired elevation below the mounting connection to open and/or close an electric or pneumatic switch.  The distance between the on/off or open/close is adjustable from a minimum of 2-1/2” (in a specific gravity of 1.0) to the maximum length of the cable, which is 10 feet (standard).  Controls may be supplied with cables up to 75 feet for 600 series controls and 40 feet for 700 series. 

Displacers do not ride the surface of the liquid, but rather “sink” in the liquid, and they are not affected by surface agitation, thereby eliminating nuisance switching. These displacers are weighted and are not affected by turbulent liquids.

Omnitrol uses the Constantly Engaged Magnetic Field which gives a positive “make” or “break” action of the switch.  The power of Omnitrol’s magnetic field enables the use of an SPST, SPDT, DPST, or DPDT switch economically on each actuator.

The temperature rating of each control is limited by the materials of construction, displacer, and switch selected.  Micro switches can be used on each side of the actuator to provide double pole switching.


  • Simple adjustments of displacers for various switching differentials
  • Designed for applications requiring SS
  • High Temperature Applications
  • Acidic and Alkaline Liquids
  • UL & CSA approved

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