evo 2600
Radar Level Gauge
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Mold Level Measurement

The Dependable and Cost-Efficient Way to Assure Consistent Surface Quality on Cast Slabs, Blooms and Billets. GPE assures you of consistent surface quality on your continuous casting by automatically controlling the level of molten metal in your continuous casting operations.

In manually controlled continuous casting operations, the amount of molten metal entering your mold from the tundish car can continuously shift from too high to too low. This inconsistency can result in surface defects in your cast slabs, blooms and billets.

ECLM Sensors LA156-723/3315-10061/RLA156-538

  • GPE provides a variety of sensor heads for the Series 2100 Measurement System

EC2100 Digital Amplifier

  • Sensing Molten Metal Level with the Digital EC 2100 ensures stable, extremely accurate mold level with its differential voltage feedback operations

MA600/700 Analog Amplifier

  • Refurbished and repairs to analog ECLM amplifiers