Sensing Molten Metal Level with the Digital EC 2100 ensures stable, extremely accurate mold level due to its differential voltage feedback operation. This patented operation enables the amplifier to more quickly transmit information which provides the actuator with valuable additional time to respond to changing levels.

Easy to install conversion kits simplify the transition from analog to digital. All of this can be accomplished without changing the external conduit or wiring. Setups for multiple molds can be programmed with the keyboard and stored in non-voltage memory, making changing molds an easy keystroke function.


  • Highly Sensitive and Accurate (+/- 1mm)
  • Unaffected by Mold Powder
  • Increased Functions and Alarms
  • Simple Sensor Installation
  • Up to 10 Strands Memorized
  • Faster, Simplified Mold Setup
  • Easy Conversion from Analog to Digital

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