MCG 8151 Flexible Magnetostrictive Level Probe

An Integrated Approach
The MCG 8151 Flexible Magnetostrictive Level Probe are highly accurate, continuous measurement devices that are easy to install and maintain. The compact design allows for the collection and transmission of an impressive amount of data. In addition to measuring two levels (product and interface or two interfaces), five (5) temperature sensors are embedded in the probe at different levels to provide average temperature measurement of the product.

With flexible probes in lengths up to 70 feet, the MCG 8151 probe can be installed in nearly any type of storage or process vessel; aboveground or underground. Mounting options include a 4” riser or a 7/8” NPT connector. Flanged connections are also available.

Level Measurement & Point Switch…All in One
Because of the probe’s packaging and its high degree of resolution (+/- .001”), the MCG 8151 can provide both level gauging data and act as a point switch for process vessels or overspill alarms.

Proven Technology
The magnetostrictive technology that is employed in the MCG 8151 has been proven to be extremely reliable. The probe is comprised of a wave guide, one or two floats with permanently-embedded magnets, a motion or stress sensing device, and a probe housing. Together, these components measure the level of product in a vessel through a simple physical property known as the Wiedemann Effect.


  • High Resolution of +/- .001”
  • Two Separate Levels Simultaneously Measured
  • Average Temperature with Internal Sensors

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