MCG 8100 Tank Monitor

A Convenient, Powerful Remote Monitor
The MCG 8100 communicates and provides power to any of the L&J 81xx series magnetostrictive sensors or leak detection probes through a convenient 4 wire data highway. Up to 10 individual probes and 12 external sensors can be connected in parallel to the same MCG 8100, with the appropriate amount of I.S. barriers.

Through this data highway, the MCG 8100 can be used for product level, water level and product temperature in the tanks. Hydrocarbon sensors are also constantly checked by the unit for liquids or vapors. The unit’s 20 digit keypad, 4 line LCD display, and self-prompting menus make the MCG 8100 easy to program and operate for even the most inexperienced users.

Flexible Reports and Alarms
Inventory reports can be generated automatically, up to six times a day, when programmed into the system. Four programmable discrete alarm contact outputs are provided. These contacts can be used in conjunction with alarm horns or lights to inform operators of alarm conditions. A built in buzzer is activated on any alarm. The buzzer and contacts remain activated until acknowledged even if the alarm condition clears.

Computerized “Super Smart” Technology
The MCG 8100 is a product that takes advantage of the latest advances in large scale integration (LSI), and high density surface mount technology. The unit includes up to 256K RAM and ROM, two serial ports, one parallel port, and multiple DMA channels and clock timers. Together these features offer the processing power of a full-sized computer in a small, easy to install panel or wall mount package.

In addition to providing complete on-site monitoring and inventory control the MCG 8100 can optionally be configured with an RS-232 communication port to provide local information to your central computer system, providing for complete monitoring of all your sites from a central location.


  • Meets States EPA Requirements For Underground Storage Tanks
  • Tank Level and Leak Detection Monitoring
  • Extremely Accurate Microprocessor Based System
  • Approved for Leak Detection in Tanks up to 150,000 Gallons
  • Reliable Remote Communication Through RS232 Port

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