MCG 3221 Protocol Converter

Standard Configuration
L&J Engineering offers the TDC 3000 PLCG compatible interface to help keep with the growing demands of the industrial world. The MCG 3221 is a microprocessor based device supporting bi-directional communications.

The communications between the MCG 3221 and the host system is tailored according to the requirements of the host system. The MCG 3221 is powered via an external 120 VAC transformer, included with the unit. The actual power requirements are 16 VAC. Standard protocols include but are not limited to Modbus PLCG and Modbus CLM.

Improve Communications
Protocol emulations and interfaces to host computers via the microprocessor-based MCG 3221 Protocol Convertor will ensure complete connectivity. Bi-directional communications allow the host (on or off-site) to send commands directly to the various L&J level gauges. This allows for on-demand verification of product level, interface level, product density, and equipment self-tests. Performance is optimized as background operation occurs to the inventory management system.

The MCG 3221 also has a “watchdog” feature. This internal system restarts the system processor in the case of a fatal error or system malfunction. One of the nicest features of the MCG 3221 is that L&J Engineering can accommodate whatever it is you may need. Most of the MCG 3221 PLCG Interfaces are custom made so that every requirement you have is fulfilled. The MCG 3221 L&J system adjusts to the way you do business now and the way you will do business tomorrow.


  • Flexible Host System Interface
  • Reliable Data Transfer
  • Bi-Directional Communication

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