evo 1610 Radar Level Gauge

Product Description

The evo 1610 Radar Level Gauge is the latest device in L&J engineering’s evolution series of radar level gauges. Featuring 0.5mm accuracy certified by NMi of the Netherlands who is the leading independent specialist for testing, certification and training in the field of metrology, the evo 1610 meets or exceeds the requirements of OIML R85 and is on the bleeding edge of radar level gauging technology.

The evo 1610 is a low-power native Foundation Fieldbus (FF) level gauging device. Any certified Foundation Fieldbus handheld calibrator can be used to program and calibrate the device using readily available Foundation Fieldbus Device Descriptors (DD’s).

Typical Applications

  • Liquid petroleum and related products: crude oil (and crude oil which may contain sediment and/or water), liquid hydrocarbons, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquid fuel, lubricants, industrial oils, etc.
  • Alcohol: pure ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and mixtures of only ethanol and water; chemical products in liquid state.
  • “Special water”, distilled water, deionized water, demineralized water and all water.

Smart Core
The 1650 Smart Core allows you to display level, temperature, as well as a multitude of other information right at the tank ground level. It will accept spot temperature probes, average temperature probes and will allow you to connect your evo 1610 native FF device to an existing level gauging systems, PLC or DCS. The 1650 Smart Core supports a wide range of industry standard protocols, L&J Tankway, Modbus, Etc.


  • 0-85 feet (26m) Measuring Range
  • +/- .5mm Accuracy Continuous Waveform
  • 10 GHz FMCW Technology
  • 2 Wire Device
  • Foundation Fieldbus Communication

evo 1610 Antenna Options

Conical Antenna, Hinged Hatch Mount

  • Stilling Well Applications
  • LPG/LNG Applications

Parabolic Antenna

  • Asphalt/BITUMEN Applications
  • Floating Roof Tanks

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