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Radar Level Gauge
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Level Alarm Probes

L&J Engineering’s state-of-the-art wired MCG 1090 and battery powered; wireless MCG 1095 Level Alarm Probes are the industry’s only independent, truly self-testing probes on the market. While competitors’ systems typically only check the unit’s wiring and probe electronics, the MCG 1090 and 1095 also include a solenoid to physically move the displacer as an actual liquid level event would. By simulating the mechanical actuation that rising liquid level would trigger, the MCG 1090 and MCG 1095 are able to offer you the most reliable protection available against dangerous and costly overfills with a truly complete self-diagnostic capability.

The self-diagnostics along with the remote self-checking features make regular proof testing of the probes easy and convenient delivering reliability and peace of mind when operating a Category 3 – Unattended storage tank field operation.

MCG 1090 Level Alarm Probe

  • Industry’s Only True Complete Self-Testing Level Alarm Probe
  • Meets State Fire Codes for Independent Alarms

MCG 1095 Wireless Level Alarm Probe

  • Wireless Communication
  • Industry’s Only True Complete Self-Testing Wireless Level Alarm