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Photo of 1095 Level Alarm Probe

MCG 1095 Wireless Level Alarm Probe

Reliable Protection
The MCG 1095 Wireless High Level Alarm Probe brings state of the art technology to overfill protection- it is the only probe on the market with complete self testing! The competitors systems typically only check the wiring and probe electronics. The MCG 1095 includes a solenoid to physically move the displacer as an actual level would. In keeping with the L&J tradition, the MCG 1095 has gone a step further than the competition in providing high reliability and low maintenance. The MCG 1095 offers the most reliable protection available against dangerous and costly overfills.

Remote Self-Checking
Typically, a high level alarm probe is mounted in a poor environment and sits inactive for years at a time. This makes regularly scheduled testing the most important factor in reliability. The remote self-testing feature of the MCG 1095 makes regular testing of the probe easy and convenient. If coupled with the MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor, all probes can be automatically tested at pre-programmed intervals, complete with a printout of probe conditions.

Battery Operation
The MCG 1095 needs no wires at all. It contains a Lithium battery which will totally power the unit for at least 1 year. Using L&J proprietary algorithms, it instantaneously sends back any alarm conditions as well as continually checking battery conditions and probe electronics. If the battery should get low or any other abnormal condition should occur, it will immediately notify the host.

Remote Data Acquisition
For a complete alarm system the MCG 1095 probe is coupled to the MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor. The MCG 7030 provides automatic self-checking, printouts and discrete outputs for horns, emergency shut-off, as well as an optional communications port.


  • Industry’s Only True Complete Self-Testing Wireless Level Alarm
  • Wireless Communication
  • Meets State Fire Codes for Independent Alarms
  • Remote Self-Testing
  • Reliable Protection Due to Simplified Mechanics
  • Extended Life Lithium Battery Powered

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