97187 View Port Inspection Cover

The Shand & Jurs Model 97187 View Port Inspection Cover is designed to provide a visual inspection of the inside of a tank or digester’s contents while maintaining the gas-tight integrity of the system.

The 97187 is configured with a glass window that is mounted in place with quick release bolts and nuts that simplify the maintenance of the glass.

A two-sided neoprene wiper includes a lever handle to facilitate the interior cleaning of the observation window from condensation and debris. An optional cleaning solvent reservoir and hand pump are also available.

Materials of construction for the body, stub and cover is Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with a heavy duty glass observation window. Aluminum and stainless steel weatherhoods are available with two quick release bolts. All internal components are stainless steel.

The maximum working pressure is 1 PSIG (6.9kPa).

Other sizes and alternate materials of construction are available upon request.


  • Easy Viewing of Vessel Contents
  • Gas Tight
  • Light Weight, Hinged Cover for Glass Protection
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Carbon Steel Construction Available
  • Maximum Working Pressure 1 PSIG
  • Illumination and Sprayer Options

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