97127 Gas Purifier

The S&J 97127 Gas Purifier removes unwanted components H2S from biogas. Typical applications include anaerobic digester gas trains, municipal landfills, anaerobic lagoons, pulp and paper digesters, food and beverage making and other fermentation processes.

Regulations made to minimize sulfur emissions require the removal of sulfur components in biogas systems. Installed upstream of a gas engine generator or boiler, the S&J 97127 uses a bed of media to remove the unwanted gas component. The H2S is removed by passing through a purifier. The H2S is removed by reacting with ferric sulfide (Fe2S3). This removal process helps to minimize the corrosion of metals and equipment while also reducing toxic air pollutants/severe odors.

The S&J 97127 can handle a wide range of operating conditions. It is also designed specifically for low pressure biogas applications.

The S&J 97127 is designed to withstand the harshest of process environments found in municipal waste water treatment facilities, chemical plants, petroleum refineries and other similar facilities. With a reinforced FRP fiberglass tank, the S&J 97127 provides very high corrosion protection in biogas systems and elongates the operating/service life of the tank.


  • Efficient Removal of H2S
  • Designed for low pressure biogas applications
  • Handles finite range of operating conditions
  • 8’ and 12’ Diameters
  • Fiberglass tank provides optimum corrosion protection
  • Manual or Continuous Regeneration

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