97126 Gas Purifier

The S&J 97126 Gas Purifier removes unwanted components, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), from low pressure gas streams. Typical applications include anaerobic digester gas trains, municipal landfills, anaerobic lagoons, pulp and paper digesters, food and beverage making and other fermentation processes.

The S&J 97126 uses a chemical process to convert the unwanted gas component to a different molecular form. In this new form, the unwanted component is bonded to a base material consisting of wood or other material depending upon the contaminant. This bonding removes the unwanted gas component and purifies the gas stream which minimizes the corrosion of the downstream piping and components.

The key to the 97126 is its unique Purification CartridgeTM. This innovative design enables different base materials to be used to accommodate every application. The most common base material is iron sponge consisting of wood chips embedded with iron oxide for the removal of H2S.

The cartridge design of the S&J 97126 provides easy access and replacement of the reactive materials.

The S&J 97126 is designed to withstand the harshest of process environments found in municipal waste water treatment facilities, chemical plants, petroleum refineries and other similar facilities.


  • Efficient Removal of H2S
  • Purification CartridgesTM
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Heavy Duty, Tight Seal Design
  • Sizes 2” Through 10”
  • Dual compartments

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