95220 Clamping Manhole Cover

The Shand & Jurs 95220 Clamping Manhole Cover is designed as an economical solution that provides ready access to product storage tanks by means of an easily opened-dome hinged cover.

The design of the 95220 employs a threaded clamping handle along with a flexible o-ring seal, affording a tight seal between the pallet and the corrosion resistant seat. This feature minimizes vapor leakage and provides for a watertight seal. All sizes have flat face, drilled flanges. An undrilled flange version and other special construction types are also available.

For tank gauging, access or examination, the entire lightweight hinged dome may be lifted open in a matter of seconds offering clear passage through the unobstructed opening. Unscrew the wing nuts and lift the cover. The Manhole Cover is provided with a self-locking foot pedal and safety locking pins for security against unexpected closure of the cover.


  • Easy access to storage tanks for maintenance and inspection
  • 42”, 48”, 54” and 60” sizes
  • Class B Flange / AWWA Connection
  • Lightweight Dome
  • Gas-tight and watertight seal
  • Self-Locking Pedal
  • Maximum working pressure of 1 psig
  • Materials of construction include aluminum base and cover with brass, bronze or stainless steel clamps

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