610/710 Top Mounted Level Control Switches Graphite Displacers

The Omnitrol Model 610 single stage control and the 710 two stage control are top mounted level switches of the adjustable differential type and utilize graphite as standard displacer material.  Graphite, which is an extruded material having no binders to fail, is virtually indestructible making it ideal for corrosive application controlling chemical and petroleum products in wide temperature and pressure ranges.  Because they are of the solid displacer type they are unaffected by pressures, leakage, collapsing, or surface agitation, making them well suited for difficult applications such as surging or agitated liquids.

With a simple field adjustment, the displacer can be positioned to any desired elevation below the mounting connection to open and/or close an electric or pneumatic switch.  The distance between the on/off or open/close is adjustable from a minimum of 2-1/2” (in a specific gravity of 1.0) to the maximum length of the cable,  which is 10 feet (standard).  Controls may be supplied with cables up to 75 feet for 600 series controls and 40 feet for 700 series.

The pressure, temperature and specific gravity in which these controls may be applied is a function of the selected mounting connection and displacer assembly.  A Model 610 or 710 may be used for pressures up to 1500 PSIG with standard construction and with standard displacer options may be used in specific gravities as low as 0.35 (600 series only).  Use table 1 on reverse side of the Data Sheet to find the minimum switching differential for the desired specific gravity.


  • Solid Graphite Displacers
  • Simple adjustment of displacers for various switching differentials
  • Ideal for highly corrosive applications
  • Standard Omnitrol quality components
  • CSA and UL Approved

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