31611 Capacitance Center Sensor

The Model 31611 Capacitance Sensor is designed for intermediate center guide applications where large width variations are encountered and accuracy requirements are not critical. This unique sensor will operate in clouded, dirty and high temperature environments, where photoelectric sensors normally cannot be used. It requires little or no maintenance. 

Two types of sensors are available; a C-frame type sensor with a fixed gap of 18 inches, and a Separate Channel type sensor, which can be mounted to provide adequate clearance for most installations (18 inches maximum typical). 

The sensors function within a tuned circuit designed so that any change in lateral movement of the strip will cause a capacitance change which provides an error signal for the controller. Materials to be guided with the Capacitance Sensor must be metal or a metal mesh and preferably should be grounded for best results. 

The Model 33130 Capacitance Centerguide Controller is required for sensor operation. It is designed to accept capacitance changes from the sensors and provide the control signal required. Strip position errors are detected in the tuned circuit and rectified and as a result the controller DC output is proportional to the error signal. Output signals are intended to be used with an Electro-hydraulic Controller or a Powerpulse Hydraulic Controller. 


  • Reliability: Operates in dirty and high-temperature environments with little or no maintenance.

  • Positive: Sensor operates into a high-frequency tuned circuit which rejects all other frequencies

  • Accuracy: Less than ±1/8″ per 6″ of strip width change when ± adjusted in accordance with instructions

  • Rugged Construction: Heavy-duty aluminum channel construction for sensor makes it virtually indestructible.

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