Delavan Microwave 320 Single Point Level Switch Receives C-Tick Approval

Hillside, IL — July 2nd, 2012 — Delavan Process Instrumentation, a manufacturer of solid and liquid point level and continuous level measurement products, has gained the Australian C-Tick approval for its Microwave 320 Single Point Level Switch.

The Microwave 320 is a non-contact, microwave-based point-level switch for bulk solids & liquids. It operates as a remote single point switch for on-off control or as a flow/no flow indicator. It also provides high/low level alarm control as well as plugged chute and boiler feeder starvation detection. It is unaffected by dust build-up.

Compliance with the Australian electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emission requirements are mandatory and apply to all electronic products supplied to the Australian market. For the Microwave 320, gaining the C-Tick mark signifies compliance with appropriate Australian EMC standard.

Photo of Microwave 320