97400 Well-Type Manometer

The S&J 97400 Well-Type Manometer is a direct reading single tube type gauge, that provides highly accurate, easy to read pressure measurements. Standard Green Fluid with specific gravity of 1.0 is used in the manometer.

The S&J 97400 Well-Type Manometer is used to gauge pressures at critical points in gas-train systems. Pressure, vacuum or differential pressure can be gauged to provide complete monitoring of the gas-train system.

Typical applications that the 97400 can be used in include anaerobic digester tanks/gas trains, boiler lines, engines, various plant utility lines and flares/waste gas burners.

Easy panel mounting of the manometers provides a convenient single point for monitoring various pressures in the system. The manometer have simple in-place scale adjustment.


  • Pressure or Vacuum Measurement
  • Measures Differential or Point Pressure Readings
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Sizes 12″, 20″, 24″ or 30″
  • Easily Panel Mounted
  • Extruded Aluminum, Anodized Finish

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