Pilot-Operated Relief Valve and the Weight Loaded Vacuum Relief Vent

94640 Pilot Operated Relief Valve/94110 Vacuum Vent​


  • Bubble Tight to Set Pressure Pilot Valve Technology allowing for a significant reduction in emissions.
  • Full Flow @ 10% Overpressure.
  • Greater Flow Characteristics allowing for reduced sizing compared to conventional weight and spring loaded pressure relief valves.
  • Setting options of inches WC to 15 PSIG allowing for one valve for the entire low pressure range.
  • Minimal effect of Backpressure and Negative Pressure in closed vent systems compared to conventional pressure relief valves.
  • Modulating or Snap action operation to meet specific relief applications.
  • Test in Place capability with Field Test Kit.
  • Modular Construction allows for a Pressure/Vacuum Configuration; Pressure Only/Vacuum only.
  • Adjustable Vacuum Settings.
  • Variety of soft goods available for severe service applications.

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