MCG 351 Average Temperature Probe

Average Temperature Probe
The MCG 351 (ATP) represents state-of-the-art temperature measurement, and is accepted worldwide to use as a standard for custody transfer inventory and corrected volumes. The MCG 351 Average Temperature Probe (ATP) allows gauges and transmitters to sense temperature through the change of resistance in the probe. The MCG 351 possesses a series of spot temperature sensitive elements positioned at different points in the probe. These resistors are at various levels so that the average temperature of the product within the tank may be measured. The multiple element probe allows the gauge to select the submerged elements and average their reading.

Resistance Temperature Detector
The Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) measures multiple spot temperatures by outputting a resistance change to a gauge or transmitter. This change in resistance, which is directly proportional to temperature, is detected by a precision input bridge circuit in the transmitter. In addition to two element leads, a third reference lead is provided. The reference lead is used to remove lead wire resistance from the measurement of the temperature elements.

Average Temperature Converter
The MCG 2350 is a stand-alone average temperature converter. Accepting its input from an average temperature probe with up to 14 elements, the unit multiplexes these inputs to give a digital output that corresponds to the product temperature. The MCG 2350 is available in two resolution ranges (0.1º C and 0.01º C). The housing is an explosion proof enclosure and includes a critical intrinsic safety (I.S.) barrier, allowing for the use of either explosion proof probes or I.S. probes. The MCG 2350 is normally connected directly to other L&J Engineering models via a serial connection, to give the transmitter average temperature capabilities. The MCG 2350 is UL/C-UL and ATEX/CENELEC Approved.


  • High Accuracy
  • Platinum Elements

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