MCG 3281 Mini Field Interface

Standard Configuration
Provides L&J Tankway field interface to a host computer. The MCG 3281 provides communication to the entire L&J family of products which include the MCG 2000MAX transmitter, the MCG 1600SFI radar gauge, the MCG 1500SFI servo gauge, and the evo 2600 Radar Gauge.

The MCG 3281 is typically used to connect a computer running MCG 3900 WinGauge Inventory Management System software to field equipment communicating L&J Tankway. Once connected, all of the enhanced functions enabled with L&J Tankway can be fully utilized. These functions include remote parameter configuration, software upgrades, extensive field diagnostics and internal transmitter specific diagnostics.


  • Flexible Data Interface
  • Reliable Field Signal Conversions
  • Greater Data Security

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