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Photo of MCG 1600 SFI

MCG 1600SFI Smart Flash Infrared Radar Gauge

Dual Microprocessors
At the heart of the MCG 1600SFI is a high integration core microprocessor which can be customized to specific applications. A separate DSP microprocessor provides high speed measurement and algorithm processing for high accuracy, obstruction avoidance, self-calibration, and echo cancellation. All programmed and processed information can be displayed on the gauge’s 32-character LCD as well as an optional ground level display.

Years of experience have enabled L&J Engineering to provide the optimal antenna configuration for a given application. Four antenna designs, parabolic, cone, rod and stillwell, accommodate various process parameters which include surface conditions, height to measure, dielectric constant of product and internal obstructions.

Inventory Management
The MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge, which transmit level and temperature data, can be remotely accessed by a computer/receiver such as the MCG 3905 via the L&J Tankway. Product temperature is obtained by using a MCG 300 3-wire R.T.D. (copper or platinum), or a MCG 350/351 averaging temperature probe with a MCG 2350 which is connected to an on-board analog-to-digital converter. It is no longer necessary to climb to the top of the tank to access the desired information or perform any of the programming functions. Simple plug-in interface modules emulate any existing, as well as custom field protocols or analog outputs. New or updated programs can be downloaded to any MCG 1600SFI into its on-board flash memory “on the fly” to incorporate communication protocol changes and additional functionality.

Ground Level Display
The optional Ground Level Display (MCG 1350) is a remote LCD display which is identical in form and function to the display on the main unit. It enables complete programming and calibration functions via the MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator (required purchase for new installations).


  • +/- 0.5 mm Accuracy
  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Waveform
  • Crystal Controlled Phase Lock Loop Technology
  • Ultra High-speed Floating Point Digital
  • Signal Processor for Continuous Calibration
  • Density Measurement/Hybrid Gauge
  • Antennas Tailored for Specific Applications
  • Wireless Mesh Level Gauging Compatible

MCG 1600SFI Antenna Options

Photo of MCG 1600 SFI with cone and gauge hatch antenna

Conical Antenna, Hinged Hatch Mount

  • Stilling Well Applications
  • LPG/LNG Applications
Photo of 1600SFI with conar antenna

Conar Antenna

  • Stilling Well Applications
  • LPG/LNG Applications
Photo of 1600SFI with parabolic antenna

Parabolic Antenna

  • Asphalt/BITUMEN Applications
  • Floating Roof Tanks

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