31490 Rotary Position Transmitter

The Model 31490 Rotary Position Transmitter is a potentiometer type transmitter which transmits field information to a remote point.

The Model 31490 Rotary Position Transmitter is used principally as a feedback for valve actuators.

The 31490 accepts a shaft position and produces a 4-20mA electrical output signal over a 2 wire system. The signal from shaft rotation is produced by a potentiometer. The shaft of the potentiometer is connected to the transmitter input shaft through a stepdown gear. The 4-20mA is generated by a constant current generator.

The transmitter is housed in an aluminum, weatherproof and explosion proof housing built to Class I, Division I, Group D requirements of Factory Mutual. Temperature Range is from -30°F to +140°F.


  • 4 – 20mA DC Output Signal

  • Explosion-Proof Housing

  • Potentiometer Type Transmitter

  • Accuracy of ±1% of Full Range

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