Acutrak 90™ Cartridge Kit

The Shand & Jurs Acutrak 90™ Cartridge Kit mounts easily in Shand & Jurs tank gauges and similar mechanical level gauges such as the Varec Series 2500.

The Shand & Jurs Acutrak 90™ cartridge and tape drum are constructed of RYTON®, a specially engineered polymer that offers outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical strength and abrasion resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

The Acutrak 90™ cartridge is factory assembled and consists of a spring motor drum, a power hub and a stainless steel constant power spring. The RYTON® tape drum and all the necessary parts for converting your existing level gauge are included in the Acutrak 90™ Cartridge Kit.

Installation is not only easy but quick. The cartridge mounts to the gauge body with two mounting screws and one long adjusting screw. Before the cartridge is installed in the gauge, the stainless steel perforated tape is run through the gauge and fastened to the tape drum. The spring storage drum features a scale that indicates the length of the spring wound on the power hub.

The enclosed spring storage drum and power hub design makes the task of replacing the Negator spring motor more safe for plant personnel.

The improved Acutrak 90™ design provides significantly increased life to the spring motor. Extensive cycle testing has been done on the Acutrak 90™ along with identical testing on conventional Negator motors. These test results show that the mean time before spring failure on the Acutrak 90™ is two to three times that of conventional Negator motors.


  • Factory assembled negator spring motor
  • Ryton cartridge and tape drum
  • Quick, easy and safe installation
  • Significantly improved spring life
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  • Improved Accuracy
  • Faster Installation
  • For Floating Roof Tanks
  • Inexpensive compared to conventional targets

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